Third episode of “EUCON – The Eurasian Podcast” published

In the third episode of the podcast series “EUCON – The
Eurasian Podcast” we talk to Hannes Meissner from the Center of Excellence
for Black Sea Studies at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. Hannes
is working on political risk analysis and political risk management of
multinational corporations with a focus on the post-Soviet space. His current
research focuses on state capture, informal networks and their consequences for
multinational companies, such as corruption, clientelism and a weak rule of
law. We talk about the differences between economic and political risk and how
these concepts are interconnected. We also shed light on the question of how
companies can effectively identify and mitigate political risks. In addition,
we discuss how the Russian war on Ukraine is impacting the field of political
risk management in the post-Soviet space and what challenges companies face and
how they can address them. If you want to learn more about us and our project,
please visit our website! 

Have fun listening!

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