Participation in the international conference

Under the research project “Electronic Trade. Possible Risks, Losses and Development Opportunities” fulfilled at ASUE’s AMBERD Research Centre, S. Aghajanyan has participated at the international conference “Development trends of the transport and logistics complex in the context of digital transformation” (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation) and presented an article titled “Logistic infrastructure of e-commerce in Armenia”. The conference served as a platform of exchanging experience in academic and professional community on new development prospects of transport and logistics complex in the context of digital transformation.

E-commerce serves as a prerequisite for the development of the country’s logistics infrastructure, while the efficiency of the supply chain is the key to the growth of e-commerce. Affordable logistics is one of the key factors in ensuring the competitiveness of e-commerce companies.

The proceedings of the conference are indexed in the Scientific Electronic Library and are available here

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